It is not always easy to see what is going on inside the body and so we may suggest an x-ray for your pet to help determine what is wrong. X-rays can be helpful in identifying the size of organs and if there is gas present, and also we may see some foreign objects such as stones or eaten part of a bone.

We rely on the pets being perfectly still to get good radiographs. The best way is usually a general anaesthetic or a deep sedation to ensure the quality of x-rays.


As we have a state of the art digital processor it allows very rapid development of the radiographs and less time for pets to be under general anaesthetic. These radiographs can be easily stored for any future reference as they are stored digitally.

X-rays are very useful to see broken bones, arthritis, enlarged hearts, and some of the abdominal organs. Once we know the organs involved we will often do further tests such as ultrasound, endoscopy or histopathology to diagnose the cause of the condition.

If we take x-rays of your pet we will always try to show you on the radiograph what is going on. You will be free to ask any questions and we will do our best to help you understand your pet’s condition.