Veterinary Nursing Approved Centre (Training)

We are an RCVS training practice.

A Training Practice (TP) is an essential resource of any approved college or university offering veterinary nurse training. Such practices offer the clinical training and work experience essential to qualify as a veterinary nurse.

There are currently around 2,000 training practices in the UK.

Training practices offer:

  • a suitable and safe clinical environment in which to provide training and experience
  • a sufficient and varied animal case load in order that students may achieve the range of skills and knowledge required (set out in the National Occupational Standards for veterinary nursing)
  • staff able to provide suitable training, support and assessment


Within a TP, clinical coaches and assessors provide support to trainee veterinary nurses, by supervising their work, assessing their progress and providing regular feedback to students and their college/university.

RCVS Approved Centres are responsible for evaluating and approving the resources and facilities of a TP, providing support to staff and carrying out ongoing quality assurance.