Tour of the Practice

Waiting Room

When you arrive, let our friendly receptionist know that you’re here and then take a seat in our well-stocked, spacious waiting room. We have a range of toys, foods and accessories for you to choose from and you can buy some wormers and flea treatments over the counter. We offer competitive prices, special offers and our products have been carefully selected for safety and effectiveness. If we don’t have the item you want in stock then let us know and we will be happy to order it for you. The whole building is fitted with air conditioning for the comfort of our patients and clients.

Consulting Room

Through to one of our four consulting rooms, where the vet will give your pet a thorough examination and discuss any concerns that you might have.


If your pet needs medication then one of our nurses will dispense it for you in our pharmacy. Repeat prescriptions are normally filled within 2-3 days and are checked by the vet before being dispensed.


If your pet needs any blood or urine diagnostic tests then we can usually run these in our laboratory within a couple of hours. Some samples are sent off to specialist laboratories and we have an external verification system monitoring our results.


We also have on site X-ray, ECG, video endoscope and Ultrasound equipment to aid in diagnosis. Our new x-ray machine is digital, which allows us to view x-rays much quicker than previous manual methods of development.


If your pet needs to stay in hospital for monitoring then we will make them at home in one of our kennels. We have cages of all sizes including a large walk in kennel, which can accommodate the largest Great Dane. There are separate wards in case an animal needs to be kept in isolation. All of our cages are fibreglass, chosen since it is warmer than the stainless steel. 

Prep Room

Most non-surgical procedures are performed in our modern, spacious prep-room. This room is well-equipped so that our vets and nurses can provide your pet with the best possible care. This is where your pet will be given an anaesthetic and prepared for surgery, if necessary. We also have a separate dental area.


We have two dedicated surgical theatres, equipped with state-of-the art fixtures and appliances. All equipment has been converted to the latest gas anaesthetics and we use the safest injectable drugs to induce patients for anaesthesia. We have on site sterilisation machines to ensure that all of our equipment is clean and safe to use. Several of the veterinarians have a particular interest in surgery and update courses are regularly attended with keen interest.