“Putting a young, healthy dog through any sort of surgery is a difficult enough decision. Knowing that it was the least traumatic way we could have her spayed made keyhole an easy choice for us”

Kate – Keyhole surgery review

“No cone of shame! No furniture wrecked! No ornaments broken! And no injuries to the back of my legs! What’s not to like?”

Pippa – with no cone of shame

“For my dog, the whole experience was as pleasant as it could be; for me, not seeing her in pain was worth every penny”


“Best decision ever, Bella was up and about in no time and bouncing around with her friends in less than a week.”


“As a rescue dog, new to our home, I wanted my GSD bitch to undergo the least traumatic experience possible when she was spayed. She was sleepy from the anaesthetic for a few hours when we got home, but other than that, you wouldn’t have known she’d had surgery. She didn’t go near the tiny…

German Shepherd