Terms & Conditions


We require payment at the time of consultation. We accept cash and debit or credit cards but not cheques.


No veterinary practice can legally provide payment schemes for their clients. We do however have an arrangement whereby Carefree Credit Ltd will put up the money at no extra cost to our clients, provided monthly payments are made within the stipulated time. Applicants have to be UK residents, over 18 years of age and have a bank account that will enable a direct debit to be set up. Please ask at reception if you wish to make use of Carefree Credit at no cost to you.


We would encourage you to take out a lifetime insurance policy for your pet. We are able to provide leaflets from several leading companies. Important points to note are:

Lifetime insurance means that if your pet should suffer from a condition that is going to require treatment for an extended period of time, the company will not stop paying you for your costs after a year.

When considering the level of cover, be aware that covering a pet for £1000 is very different from covering a condition for £1000. If each condition is covered, then a pet with a broken leg (£500), a heart problem (£850) and a corneal ulcer (£250) will be able to claim the entire £1600 less the excess.

A lot of insurance companies start with very low premiums which rapidly increase year on year, particularly at the age of 8. Find out about potential increases before you sign up.

Never change insurance companies, even if you are not on a good policy if anything has occurred in the life of your pet, even if you have not made a claim. All these conditions will be excluded from any new policy, no matter who you insure with.

The insurance policy is an agreement between you and the insurance company. We are not legally allowed to advise on a particular policy and we are not part of the agreement. Similarly, the insurance company cannot decide whether we will make a direct claim from them or not.

Routinely the client is expected to pay at the time of the treatment and then claim back from the insurance company. For very large sums or in exceptional circumstance, we will consider a direct claim from certain companies. This must be arranged with us before any treatment is done. You will be expected to sign acknowledgment that the debt remains yours until it is settled, either by the insurance company or by you, and we will expect you to pay the excess plus a sum to put towards anything that the insurance company decided not to pay for. Once everything has been settled, if you have overpaid, we will refund the difference to you.


In order to comply with best practice procedures, patients on long term therapy need to be examined at least at 6 month intervals. A reduced consultation fee will be charged at this time. Serious conditions may require more frequent examinations for the benefit of the patient.


Could you please allow 2-3 days for us to fill a repeat prescription. Products not normally kept in stock must be paid for before they are ordered in.


For the safety of our patients, we are unable to take back any drugs that are not in sealed foil form, nor are any opened bottles of drugs returnable. We guarantee to provide you with unadulterated, pure genuine products.  We will accept items we normally keep in stock up to one week after purchase, provided they are returned in the same condition that they were supplied in.


Prescriptions are available from the practice in order for you to purchase products from other institutions. Please note that it is only legal to purchase from UK based instances. Prescriptions do not allow the dispenser the right to substitute any item on the prescription. Prescriptions are only valid for one issue unless so indicated on the prescription.  We regret that we cannot accept any responsibility for the quality of products obtained elsewhere even if we have issued a prescription for them, nor are we legally allowed to include them on an insurance claim.


Prices and estimates are available for any product or service. We welcome comparison with other providers and strive to keep our prices as low as possible while still maintaining excellence in all we provide.


In order to cover our basic costs, a fee is charged for every consultation. Subsequent consultations for the same condition within a limited period of time will be charged at a lower rate, with a minimum fee for the fourth visit.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss any of the above terms or to suggest improvements. Our aim is to prevent and relieve suffering while remaining sensitive to your wishes and financial arrangements.

Patients may be transferred between our two branch practices for diagnostic, surgical or emergency services under the Veterinary Surgeons direction.


We are very careful to keep your personal data private. We never hold unsecured financial information such as credit card details. Our computer equipment is protected from viruses and hacking. We have a minimal print policy and shred all documents that do not need to be kept for legal reasons.

We hold your details on our Management Information system for the purpose of effectively managing your account and maintaining your pet’s clinical record. You have a right to request to see what data we hold and to request that it be deleted, unless of course there are legal reasons for not doing so. We never pass your details to any third party except In the instance when laboratory samples, radiographs or clinical history is sent to a referral institution. We also transfer details to a debt controller in the case of outstanding debts.