Nursing Clinics

Nursing Clinics

We recommend microchipping your pet to protect them from theft or loss. It is a simple procedure which only takes a few seconds and is relatively painless. It is now mandatory to microchip your puppy at 8 weeks of age

Nail clipping
We sell nail clippers in our waiting room but, if you find nail clipping difficult, then we will be happy to help.

Puppy parties
We run monthly puppy parties where your puppy can socialise with new people and other puppies, as well as trying some training. This takes place at our sister practice – London road vets. To book please call 01206 544918’

We have nurses who take a special interest in behaviour and can help with most behavioural problems.

We can help you monitor your pet’s weight and recommend diets for weight loss. We offer free weight clinics please call us on 01621 818282

our staff can help support you and your family following the loss of your pet

District Nurse
It is now possible to request one of our nurses to visit your pet at home in order to adminster medications, treat wounds, etc. There is a small charge involved to cover our costs.

  • Repeat injections or administration of drugs.
  • Post operation examinations
  • Monitoring of long term conditions, such as blood sugar, diabetes, thyroid levels, etc