Home Visits and Deliveries 

Home Requests

We offer a home visit service if you are unable to get to the veterinary practice. We can also collect or drop off your pet at your home in our ambulance. The cost varies depending on the distance away from the practice. If you are interested then call us for a estimate.

We can also deliver food or other products at your request. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

Veterinarian Visits

It is possible to arrange for a vet, accompanied by one or more nurses, to pay a visit on your pet at home. We are not able to take all the diagnostic and surgical equipment with us, so there are limits to the service we can offer in your home. Since we can attend to a large number of patients in the time it takes us to travel to you, we charge to cover for this.

 What makes a huge difference to us are the following ways to minimise stress during a home visit:

  • Keep your pet indoors and confined so that we know they will definitely be available for examination or treatment.
  • Separate other animals away from the patient to avoid them becoming stressed on our arrival
  • A very good light source makes our work so much more effective.
  • Working from a raised surface helps to save the backs of our staff, most of whom suffer from the strenuous aspects of our work.

District’ Nurse visits and ways to minimise stress during a home visit

  • Our nurses are prepared to travel to your home, for a small fee, in order to help you give your pet medications, injections, change dressings, clip nails, take weights (up to 20kg) and generally help you give your pet the very best healthcare possible.
  • Our nurses are also able to collect your pet in order to bring them to the practice for treatment and then deliver them back home again.