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Taking Care of Your Pet When Travelling 

General tips

  • Make sure your pet is as fit and healthy as possible to withstand the journey
  • Plan your journey carefully, allowing regular stops to exercise your pet
  • Take a sufficient amount of your pet's usual food and enough water for the journey
  • Ensure your pet carries an identity disc that includes your holiday address
  • Give your pet a light meal about two hours before travel
  • If you feed your pet within two hours of travel, this can cause travel sickness
  • If your pet suffers from travel sickness, please speak to your vet for advice
  • Ensure you are familiar with the PETS scheme requirements

Tips for car travel

  • Acclimatise your pet by taking it on short car trips before embarking on a long journey
  • Ensure your vehicle is well ventilated and cool en route, including during ferry crossings
  • Make sure your dog is always on a lead when you are exercising it
  • Some transport carriers will also insist that dogs are muzzled so check in advance

Tips for carrying your pet in a container

  • Give your pet the opportunity to go to the toilet before it is put in its carrying container
  • Let your pet 'try out' the carrying container before the trip
  • The carrying container should be well-ventilated, roomy enough for your pet to move around, safe, and have adequate food and water for the trip, with easily-refillable containers for a long journey
  • Put a familiar-smelling cushion or rug in the container to help your pet settle

Suggested pet travel packing list

  • Bed/blanket/cat basket
  • Collar with holiday destination and home ID discs
  • Bowls for food/water
  • Lead & muzzle (if required)
  • Plenty of food/water for trip and first few days on holiday
  • Litter supplies/doggy poop bags
  • Brush/comb
  • Cleaning wipes for you & your pet
  • Disinfectant
  • Your pet's toys
  • Pet passport and all required pet documentation


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