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Endoscopy is a way of looking into the body without doing surgery. It uses fibre optics to shine a light into organs such as the stomach, to see if there is anything abnormal. It is possible to see foreign objects or we can see if there is any pathology such as growths.

Small objects can be retrieved using the forceps in the endoscope. A computer screen can be used to visualise all that is going on.

We have rigid endoscopy and flexible endoscopy which gives us a good choice of treatments. Rigid endoscopy is one where the endoscope cannot bend and this can be used in the ear or colon. The flexible endoscope can be manipulated so that the end part can move. This would be used behind the soft palate or around the stomach.

Endoscopy usually requires an anaesthetic but can be very helpful in working out what is going on without using very invasive techniques.



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